How to organize and scale your content creation

Backlinko’s Brian Dean is famous for having a great blog with just a few high-quality posts. But when his traffic started to flatten out, he had to scale it up. He put together a plan for that with his team. Here are the steps: Break down your writing process into tiny steps Create an organized … Read more

Why Tens of Thousands Flood to Nerd Fitness Every Week

This is an old article on that has been since removed. I had saved the article in my RSS Reader and writing this summary based on it. NerdFitness is a site that helps Nerds lose weight and get fit. The interesting thing about the site is the forums that have a category called ‘4-week challenges’ where people … Read more

How to successfully create content for LinkedIn

Saw this Reddit post on how content marketing on LinkedIn is very generating great results, especially if you have a B2B product. The best part is, you don’t have to spend any money to get new customers. This post has the following tips to increase your organic reach: How the LinkedIn Algorithm works, especially the … Read more

Get More Eyes On Your Content By Doing This One Thing

Just writing lots of content isn’t content marketing. After you’ve created your content, you need to share it with partners and leverage their audience. Reach out and build relationships with companies who also work with your dream clients.  That’s the best way to grow, but unfortunately not many leverages this tactic.