How to organize and scale your content creation

Backlinko’s Brian Dean is famous for having a great blog with just a few high-quality posts. But when his traffic started to flatten out, he had to scale it up. He put together a plan for that with his team.

content creation process - backlinko

Here are the steps:

  1. Break down your writing process into tiny steps
  2. Create an organized Content Calendar.
  3. Plan out your content schedule for the next 6-8 months.
  4. Create outlines for upcoming posts. Outline before writing.
  5. Write content based on first-hand knowledge and experience.
  6. Hire writers with actual experience. Ex: Hire a plumber not a writer to write content if you have a plumbing business.
  7. Staff up your content team, to edit, create visuals, video, etc.
  8. Bonus: Repurpose content into new formats like video, podcast, etc.