#12 – Don’t do these 5 deadly onboarding mistakes

🎧 Grow a Small Podcast (without buying ads)

Noah Kagan explains how he grew his podcast to 2M downloads.

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Be consistent. It will be boring but stick with it.
  3. Expand the pie. Do video podcast on youtube. 
  4. Promotion, Promotion, Promotion. Cut up your long episodes into smaller chunks.
  5. Have a Proactive Dashboard. What are you going to do to promote your episode? Make sure to have only things you can control.
  6. Podcasts are a zero-sum game. If someone has to listen to you, they have to give up some other podcast. Make it worth it. Be very specific about your audience. 
  7. Launch and relaunch. Do multiple launches.
  8. Celebrities. They kinda work, but can’t bring in as many downloads as you think.
  9. And so many more great tips.

Make sure to listen to his podcast to learn more about marketing. Highly recommend.

Excited to start your own podcast after listening to Noah? 

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📊 RFM Analysis: How to do it on an Excel spreadsheet

RFM stands for Recency, Frequency and Monetary value. It’s a way to segment your customers and get valuable insights about your marketing and how you can improve it.

While there are some BI tools that can be used to calculate this, you can even use a plain old spreadsheet. 

This article, explains how to calculate RFM using both their tool and using Excel.

💀 5 Deadly Onboarding Mistakes

Check out this Growth.Design case study of an alarm clock and how they screwed up everything during the onboarding process.

Here are the 5 mistakes:

  1. Asking for notifications right away
  2. Not reminding your users why they should use your app on first experience. Show them the promised land.
  3. Pushing for a premium version of the app within 10 seconds.
  4. Fake scarcity and urgency dark patterns.
  5. Punish with ads because they didn’t go premium.

Make sure you go through the entire case study to understand why these are bad.

💡 Tip: Personal Welcome Email from Founder

How many SaaS software have you signed up for and received an email from the founder?
I have seen many startups miss this opportunity so often, that it hurts when I see their onboarding emails. 

There are a few like Basecamp who do a great job. Jason Fried welcomes with an (automated) email when you sign up for a Basecamp account. And he directly gives you his email address and twitter handle.

If you have a high-value product, then you better send a personalized email instead of an automated one. 

Another trick is to CC, the VP of customer success or product and mention that your customers can email them directly with feedback or any questions about the product. 

It makes it much easier to show that there are real humans behind the email addresses.