#18 – How do you write persuasive copy that converts?

Let’s see at various things that you can make to write persuasive copy. Right from your entire sales page to your button copy. 

🧠 10 Psychological triggers to write more persuasive copy

Follow these persuasion techniques to write better copy.

  1. Reciprocity – give something before asking something. Give more value.
  2. Personalization based on action, interest & engagement habits.
  3. Reason Why – give a reason to why you are selling it, why a discount, etc.
  4. Commitment & Consistency – make your audience say yes to themselves and they will convert better. 
  5. Social Proof – people read 10+ reviews before taking an online purchase decision.
  6. Common Enemy – rally your audience around a common cause. Make them belong to a group.
  7. Authority – People accept a product if it’s backed by research or experts.
  8. Anchoring & Priming – we all have first impression bias.
  9. Specificity – Go niche. Use specific numbers than round numbers.
  10. Storytelling.

How do you become an expert in your field and convey your ideas to your audience that they are willing to buy whatever you sell? 

🔳 How to optimize your button copy

Many A/B Tests try to optimize the CTA/button copy. But if you think a bit about your visitors and what you want them to do, you can write better copy than waste weeks on running tests.

Check this Tutorial Tuesday by CopyHackers to learn how to write a good button copy.

Some things you will learn:

  • Is your button copy setting your prospect up for what they want to do?
  • Or is it just focused on what’s about to happen?
  • Use Call to Value at the Top of Funnel. Complete “I want to ___”
  • Use Call to Action at the Bottom of Funnel, just before they are to buy. “Buy Now”, “Complete booking”.
  • Buy, Learn more, sign up are all scary words. Chat with us is not a scary word.

📧 Let your customers write your copy for you

You know how some emails and copy hits you right in the nerve – makes you feel the pain you’ve felt all your life. You immediately want to take your credit card and throw it at the screen?

The trick to that is to let your customers write your copy. 

Check out Design Academy by Laura who has great courses to learn design. The first email she sends you asks “What is your biggest frustration with design?”

And whatever her customers reply go in a big spreadsheet. 

She uses the best of that in the copy. 

💡 Tip: Use unusual words occasionally to increase conversions

Simple words are better whenever you write copy. But, there are some instances where using unusual words or phrases to make your copy stick to the mind. Readers are able to recall such messages much more than simpler copy. A simple example: “How to run your business like a Hobo CEO.”

And don’t stop with words. Try unusual pricing, branding, image/video, colors, etc.