#6 – Do you know the History of Soap Operas and why it’s called that?

I’ve always wondered why it’s called “Soap Operas” and why do people even watch them? You too will get your “aha” moment after watching the video. Also in today’s issue are some marketing tactics that were popular a few years back that you can test for your industry. Also how a B2C company’s SEO Strategy pays dividends even after many years. 

From this issue, I am going to add one small growth tactic or tip that you can try in your business. Check out the last section for today’s tip.

🌟 Most Underrated Online Marketing Tactics You’re Probably Not Taking Seriously

A few years back every blogger was using these marketing tactics, but nowadays not many use it. There’s a chance it might work for your business. 

Experiment with these for a few weeks and test it. Here are those:

  1. Create and distribute infographics.
  2. Conduct interviews with industry thought leaders.
  3. Invest in a video series strategy.
  4. Introduce apps for content planning. Create apps with marketing and business tools.
  5. Host a webinar.
  6. Use SEO in other areas – find interest level, understand competition, etc.
  7. Refer to metrics for decision-making.
  8. Consider micro-influencer partnerships.
  9. Use forums to your advantage.

📺 Do you know the history behind Soap Operas?

Why Soap Operas were created? Because Procter & Gamble wanted to sell more soaps. Who do they want to target? Women. What kind of content do they want? How do they want to be entertained after they finish with their household chores? 

You have to create deep characters with great storylines and wanted to come back every day to know what happens. 

Watch this short video to learn about the original content marketers.

It also has an A/B test that performed 400% better than the original. 

Talking about Soap Operas, if you have an email list, you need to nurture your subscribers when they join the list. And the “Soap Opera sequence” is the best way to do it. 

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🥡 How Grubhub gets more organic traffic because of its backlink strategy

Established in 2007, Grubhub had a list of restaurants for everything that NewYorkers searched for (pizza delivery, vegan delivery, food delivery, etc.)

Then they went to the local press and told they were launching in New York and wanted to give their readers $10 off their first order. All they had to do is have a link to their New York pages. 

Soon they began to rank #1 and still reap the benefits.

💡 Tip: Add an ROI Calculator along with your pricing

Use an ROI calculator if you can clearly show how much tangible results your products can bring to your customers. Just a simple slider-based calculator is enough to convince your customers that for the price they pay, they can get back a significant ROI.

ROI Calculator slider in Exit Intelligence