#8 – Subdomain vs Subfolder – which is better for your blog?

Starting a business or a podcast is all similar and today we will see a few tips to be better than 95% of others. And how to get your clients to approve publishing your case studies. And today’s tip is about whether subdomains or subfolders are better for blogs.

🎧 How to Start a Business or Podcast From Scratch

Tim Ferris knows a thing or two (or more) about starting a business/podcast. In this video, he gives some tips on how to start one with lot of book recommendations. 

  • It’s easiest and much more fun to create a new category instead of competing in an existing category. Check out “Law of Category” chapter in the book 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. Also, read Blue Ocean Strategy.
  • Don’t obsess on scaling and becoming as big as possible. Just do great work in a category. Read Small Giants book by Bo Burlingham.
  • Scratch your own itch. Don’t build something for a hypothetical audience. You will at least have 1 person.
  • You only need 1000 true fans. They will be your strongest marketing force.

And many more about being effective, having a focus on the right tasks, etc.

Want to start your own podcast? You need a podcast hosting platform built by people who have been podcasting for years. 

Sign up for Transistor.fm and launch your first podcast. [AD]

Transistor.fm is the only podcast platform that was bootstrapped and openly developed by Justin Jackson and Jon Buda. They have been documenting their entire journey on their podcast (so meta, I know)

📂 Client not approving your Case Study? Try these

You’ve written a case study, but your client won’t approve it. What now? Here are some tactics you can use. 

First, find out why they rejected it? Is it because of sensitive data? Making them look bad? Letting competition know their secrets?

Case Study Buddy shows you how to deal with each of these rejections.

✍️ How to do research before writing copy?

This Episode of Everyone Hates Marketers is with copywriting expert Joel Klettke where he talks about proper customer research before writing copy.

Everyone Hates Marketers – Joel Klettke
  • You think you know your customers. But you don’t. You have biases. 
  • Reviews & testimonials are a great place to start your research. Look at competitors too.
  • You can use text analytics to see what are the frequently used words and pain points.
  • Check for user’s frustrations on your competitor’s products. 
  • Talking directly with people give you much better, richer insights.
  • And most important of all, translating all this research into the best copy.

💡 Tip: Subdomain vs Subfolder – which is better for your blog?

Google has been claiming that subdomain (blog.example.com) or subfolder (example.com/blog/) doesn’t matter for search rankings. But many have tested and found subfolders always perform better. 

Many case studies (even as recent as 2020) have found that as soon as they moved their blog to a subfolder, their traffic jumped