Top 8 Channels to get customers for Mobile Apps

You have built a great mobile app and want to quickly get users. What are the best channels you can focus on? Paid Advertising Influencer Marketing App Store optimization Email marketing Referrals and Invites Digital Video Marketing Traditional Marketing Free Trials

Why Tens of Thousands Flood to Nerd Fitness Every Week

This is an old article on that has been since removed. I had saved the article in my RSS Reader and writing this summary based on it. NerdFitness is a site that helps Nerds lose weight and get fit. The interesting thing about the site is the forums that have a category called ‘4-week challenges’ where people … Read more

New tool: UberSuggest Chrome Extension

Neil Patel, one of the top SEO & digital marketers today has a free SEO tool called Uber Suggest. Today he launched a chrome extension which shows you extra information about keywords you search on Google.  You just install the extension and do a Google search for your keywords. You get a lot of info … Read more

Check this Mint Mobile ad by Ryan Reynolds

I just love Ryan Reynolds’ ads, but this one goes one level above others. He uses the current situation, does a zoom video style presentation and brings in his own style of humour into it.  Can’t give any more details, you’ve gotta see the ad.  This is how ads should be made. Make it look … Read more

How to successfully create content for LinkedIn

Saw this Reddit post on how content marketing on LinkedIn is very generating great results, especially if you have a B2B product. The best part is, you don’t have to spend any money to get new customers. This post has the following tips to increase your organic reach: How the LinkedIn Algorithm works, especially the … Read more

4 Primary Decision Maker Types To Write Copy For

These are the notes I wrote from CopyHacker’s Tutorial Tuesday session on 26th May. Will update the post with the video once it’s released. If you want to learn copywriting and how to make money from it, tune in to Tutorial Tuesdays live every week. There are basically 4 types of Decision Makers. Your copy … Read more

How to 10x your Headline Success Rate

In this episode of Marketing School, Neil and Eric talk about writing great headlines – whether it’s for landing pages or for ads. David Ogilvy said, “80 cents of a dollar goes to the headline.” Maintain a swipe file. Whenever you see any catchy ad, save it to a collection. Check, Facebook Ads Library and other similar … Read more

SEO Functions for Chrome Developer Tools

If you are a web developer, you would probably live half your life inside Chrome Developer Tools. What if you could run SEO checks and tests in that?  This open-source project looks interesting where you get a number of extra functions that allow you to get more information from the webpage you are viewing.  Some … Read more

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36 lessons to create better Social Ads – Twitter Thread

This thread is 🔥. Key Takeaways: Before you focus on paid ads, focus on creating a great brand. Capture the attention in the first 3 seconds of a video ad. Make it look like a UGC. Explore TikTok. There’s a huge untapped influencer market there. CPM is as low as $0.15 An influencer marketing video … Read more