#13 – What do you do if your A/B test fails to beat the control?

Today you will learn about:

  • A/B Tests and failure.
  • SEO for a niche market.
  • Importance of images on your landing page.
  • Writing targeting LinkedIn ad copy.

🔍 6 Steps to do SEO for Niche Markets

What does it take to do SEO for a niche market? Here are 5 steps to follow.

  1. Analyze Your Industry’s General Search Volume. See your competition, mine SERPs, 
  2. Do Keyword Research specifically for your niche.
  3. Incorporate those keywords in your website.
  4. Create great content. 
  5. Perform Technical SEO.
  6. Build your link profile.

These are common steps for any industry, but even more important for a niche industry. 

What do you need for a great website?

A CMS which is optimized for SEO. I prefer WordPress for the ease of use and how quickly I can get a site up and running.

Check out SiteGround if you want a worry-free hosting for your WordPress site.

🧪 What can you learn from these failed A/B tests

When you do an A/B test, you expect a certain result and when the test goes the other way, you have to eat humble pie.

Check these tests that went against what you would’ve expected. Try to guess what would win and then go read the article to see the winner.

  1. Create My Account vs Create Your Account
  2. Adding “privacy policy checkbox” during signup vs no checkbox.
  3. “We won’t spam you” vs no text

Moral: The goal of a test is not to get a lift, but rather to get a learning

🖼️ How UX of images in your landing pages can make/break it

Here is a twitter thread of how images are so important in your landing page

  1. Don’t use weird colors for obvious objects. Like a purple heart.
  2. Check where people in the images look at. Or walk towards.
  3. You associate certain images with certain feelings. Open sky = freedom.
  4. Don’t try to trigger too many feeling at the same time.

Check the thread to see examples.

💡 Tip: Write a precise copy in LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn allows very precise targeting in ads, eg: “CEOs at a pharmaceutical company”, you can lead the copy with “CEO at a Pharma Company?”

That immediately catches the attention of your target audience leading to higher click through rates.