10 Brands with a killer slogan

You’ve heard of slogans like Just do it, Think Different. But what are some of the tech startups that have a great slogan/headline on their homepage?

Here are 10 such brands.

  1. Notion – All-in-one workspace.
  2. Khan Academy – For every student, every classroom. Real Results.
  3. Squarespace – Look like an expert right from the start.
  4. Neil Patel – Learn why your competitors rank so high and how you can outrank them.
  5. Thinx – underwear made with period-proof tech. Now in styles that absorb up to 4 tampons’ worth.
  6. Lyft – Drive toward what matters.
  7. Stripe – The new standard in online payments.
  8. Udemy – Focus on your future.
  9. Blinkist – Fit reading into your life.
  10. Shopify – Build your business.