10 Brands with a killer slogan

You’ve heard of slogans like Just do it, Think Different. But what are some of the tech startups that have a great slogan/headline on their homepage? Here are 10 such brands. Notion – All-in-one workspace. Khan Academy – For every student, every classroom. Real Results. Squarespace – Look like an expert right from the start. … Read more

4 Primary Decision Maker Types To Write Copy For

These are the notes I wrote from CopyHacker’s Tutorial Tuesday session on 26th May. Will update the post with the video once it’s released. If you want to learn copywriting and how to make money from it, tune in to Tutorial Tuesdays live every week. There are basically 4 types of Decision Makers. Your copy … Read more

How to 10x your Headline Success Rate

In this episode of Marketing School, Neil and Eric talk about writing great headlines – whether it’s for landing pages or for ads. David Ogilvy said, “80 cents of a dollar goes to the headline.” Maintain a swipe file. Whenever you see any catchy ad, save it to a collection. Check swiped.co, Facebook Ads Library and other similar … Read more

17 Tips for great copywriting

Copywriting is hard. But there are a few quick tips to identify bad copy and fix it. This Marketing Examples article has 17 such tips with examples. Including one example of how to talk to your customers about COVID-19. Some of them are: Write how you talk. Don’t kill your personality. Kill adverbs & adjectives. … Read more