4 Primary Decision Maker Types To Write Copy For

These are the notes I wrote from CopyHacker’s Tutorial Tuesday session on 26th May. Will update the post with the video once it’s released.

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There are basically 4 types of Decision Makers. Your copy on the home page or landing page needs to focus on all four.

You see a heatmap of a page and the content above the fold is bright red. And as you go down, there are less and fewer people reading the content. But that doesn’t mean no one is reading it. If you check the click map of the same page, you might notice that there’s a significant number of people clicking on the CTAs even at the bottom of the page.

Each person takes decisions based on their personality. Here are the broad types of decision makers and their characteristics.

Spontaneous: Emotional and Fast-paced

These are the people who move swiftly. They are the ones who stick to the top hero section of the page. They are tool-dominant, so they might use the global navigation bar or the search box to find the info they want.

They click and interact with any element that grabs their eye – like an image, video or button.

Competitive: Logical and Fast-paced

These are people who are looking for clear benefits that directly ties to named features. They are searching for facts and numbers to support whatever you are selling.

You have to front-load them with bullets and lists and explain clearly the “what”. Keep the copy shorter and tighter.

Humanistic: Emotional and Slow-paced

For these types of people, you have to lead with emotion and trustworthiness. They are looking for reviews, influencer testimonials and word of mouth. They are looking for photos of humans to get that emotional connect.

They are more likely to check your contact and about pages to see who is behind all this.

Methodical: Logical and Slow-paced.

These people are also logical, so you need to front-load with a clear “what”-focussed message over emotional benefits. They have a checklist in their mind that they want to tick off before making a decision.

They usually convert at the bottom 50% of the page. So be more feature focused at the bottom half. You have to connect all the dots down at the page. You have to build trust by including comparision charts and details about everything.


Your page needs to cater to all 4 of these decision makers. If you miss even one, you risk missing a significant chunk of sales.