#14 – Remember the “Will it Blend?” videos on Youtube?

✂️ “Will It Blend?” How to do Product marketing?

Remember the “Will it Blend” videos when Youtube was young? Here’s the story of how it started. 

Blendtec was the company which created those videos, and they had 40 engineers and 0 Marketing or salespeople. The founder Tom Dickson thought that if you built a great product, people would buy it. 

When it didn’t sell, he got a marketing person to visit, who noticed how they were testing their blenders with different materials. 

He shot the videos and uploaded them on youtube and in five days, they hit 6 million views.

That started the revolution. 

Watch the video and the full documentary too.

The easiest way to start a revolution is to build your own audience and show them that you are an expert. 

How do you become an expert? There are a few frameworks that help.

Check them out in this book – Expert Secrets, by Russell Brunson.

It’s the easiest way to start your own community and get your own ardent followers.

💰 How to sponsor Youtubers or influencers?

You can’t create such videos yourself, the next best thing is to find someone else who has an audience and pay them to promote your product. This works great especially for products that can be demonstrated on Youtube. 

This Reddit thread has lot of tools and tips on how to find such influencers and get the best ROI for your sponsorship.

One quick tip I can give is to try to do performance-linked compensation if you can find micro-influencers. Eg: give them a nice % commission off every sale they bring.

📧 What are solo ads and how do they work?

You would have heard of Google and Facebook ads and you can understand how they work. But I started hearing about “solo ads” a lot when I started marketing. This was particularly common in the health and wealth niches. I didn’t know what it was and had to do a lot of research and find about it.

Basically Solo ads are a way to promote only your product, without any distractions like video/text content, other ads, etc.

Solo Ad providers have a huge list of email addresses they can email your offers and drive traffic to your sales page. These emails have only your offer and that’s why it’s called Solo ads. 

Does it work? What niches does it work? How to find the best providers? 

Learn all about that in this blog post.

📰 Ad: How to advertise if you have an above-average price?

Check this old-school print ad with excellent copy. 

Wild Turkey bourbons - print ad

“There are less expensive bourbons. There are also thinner steaks and smaller cars.”

This is funny and memorable. And it also makes the reader pre-qualify themselves.