#5 – Increase Customer Lifetime Value, Use challenges for Engagement, Using SEO to get SaaS customers

Today’s digest is focussed more towards products, especially increasing Customer Lifetime value, using SEO for SaaS, various channels for Mobile Apps, getting more engagement from your users.
There is also one Google search engine tip to get your actual ranking. Don’t miss that.

πŸ’Έ 7 Actionable tips to boost Customer Lifetime Value

For any business, the Lifetime Value (LTV) of a customer is an important metric to track. Increase the LTV and you directly increase the revenue.

Follow these 7 tips to increase the LTV:

  1. Create a positive onboarding experience. Making sure you have a great onboarding experience ensures the churn is lower. Having the customer stay for a few more months is the best way to increase the LTV.
  2. Keep customers engaged. Make sure your customers keep making transactions on your site. That shows them the value in your product.
  3. Provide High-Quality Customer Care. Having top-notch customer care is a moat for any business nowadays.
  4. Take advantage of customer success software. Track the analytics and categorize into high-profile and at-risk users.
  5. Encourage Repeat Transactions.
  6. Have a helpful, informative, and customer-centric website
  7. Reward loyal customers and make them feel like VIPs

πŸ“Š Here’s Why Tens of Thousands Flood to Nerd Fitness Every Week (And It’s Not Because of Their Content)

This is an old article on Detailed.com that has been since removed. I had saved the article in my RSS Reader and writing this summary based on it.

NerdFitness is a site that helps Nerds lose weight and get fit. The interesting thing about the site is the forums that have a category called ‘4-week challenges’ where people document their progress with a fitness goal and have accountability from others.
It’s an incredibly active area of the site. People are flocking to these challenges and love them.

Creating challenges is a great way to create a community and have an engaging audience. Having a forum is not a requirement, you can even do it in Facebook Groups nowadays.

Speaking of Challenges, have you always thought of building your own business, but don’t know where to start? You should register for the One Funnel Away Challenge.

In 30 days, you will learn how to market and sell products or services online using Funnels. In this challenge, you are trained every day by coaches who help you analyse the right market, create an offer for your customers, build a funnel and drive traffic to it. I have taken the challenge 3 times and it’s worth 100x the price you pay for it.

πŸ”Ž How a team in South India built a SaaS product from a hackathon and grew to $20k MRR

If you have a SaaS product, check this Case Study to learn how to build your content machine in parallel to your product.

Document360 is a KnowledgeBase SaaS product that came to life during a Hackathon.
For 12 months they were building the product and were also creating lot of content. They were very clear on the market and started educating the community.

Their growth strategy was simple: take a growing market and solve the problem of a smaller niche in this market. Like Convertkit solved email sending for authors & bloggers.

Other important points to note in this case study is:

  • outsource to specialists.
  • Use virality as much as possible.
  • Create authority by bringing in celebrities in your field and interviewing them.
  • personalize landing page based on visitor intent.

πŸ“± Top 8 Channels to get customers for Mobile Apps

You have built a great mobile app and want to quickly get users. What are the best channels you can focus on?

  1. Paid Advertising
  2. Influencer Marketing
  3. App Store optimization
  4. Email marketing
  5. Referrals and Invites
  6. Digital Video Marketing
  7. Traditional Marketing
  8. Free Trials

πŸ’‘ Tip: Get real rankings of a site with featured snippets

You know how if you search for some popular keyword, google shows featured snippets. Just because your site is a featured snippet, it doesn’t mean it is usually the top-ranked spot.
There is a very easy way to get the real rank of your page.

Add &num=9 to the SERP URL and the featured snippet will be hidden, showing your real rank.

Eg: with a featured snippet and without a featured snippet.