– Podcast Hosting for Pros

You wanted to start a podcast. Great. But you need a place to host it and track analytics to see how successful you are. You need a host who have been podcast hosts themselves for years. is one of the newer podcast hosting platforms that started 2 years back. There’s a great team behind it – Jon Buda and Justin Jackson. If you are a Brand (like Cards Against Humanity) or a SaaS company (like Basecamp) or a programmer (like Taylor Otwell, creator of Laravel) you have to try instead of those old school podcast hosting sites.

With, you can:

  • Start an unlimited number of shows, so you can test what works.
  • Get details analytics about your listeners.
  • One-click submission to popular podcast directories like iTunes, Shopify, etc.
  • Private podcasts that you can share with just your team or employees.

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