How a team in South India built a SaaS product from a hackathon and grew to $20k MRR

If you have a SaaS product, check this Case Study to learn how to build your content machine in parallel to your product.

document360 google analytics

Document360 is a KnowledgeBase SaaS product that came to life during a Hackathon.
For 12 months they were building the product and were also creating lot of content. They were very clear on the market and started educating the community.

Their growth strategy was simple: take a growing market and solve the problem of a smaller niche in this market. Like Convertkit solved email sending for authors & bloggers.

Other important points to note in this case study is:

  • outsource to specialists.
  • Use virality as much as possible.
  • Create authority by bringing in celebrities in your field and interviewing them.
  • personalize landing page based on visitor intent.