36 lessons to create better Social Ads – Twitter Thread

This thread is 🔥. Key Takeaways:

  • Before you focus on paid ads, focus on creating a great brand.
  • Capture the attention in the first 3 seconds of a video ad. Make it look like a UGC.
  • Explore TikTok. There’s a huge untapped influencer market there. CPM is as low as $0.15
  • An influencer marketing video on TikTok had 3M views even though the influencer had less than 10k followers.
  • Gen-Z wants to consume short-form content. Get straight to the point. 
  • eCommerce hasn’t been hit as hard as other industries. But there’s a huge decrease in CPM on FB and IG ads.
  • You need at least 50 purchases on FB to make it efficient. FB is the best platform for eCommerce ads.