How to use SEO data to make better marketing decisions

Using SEO for traffic purposes is just one part of it.  But you can also use it for other important decisions like: Using search volume to guide product naming & branding Organizing your keyword strategy by interest level. Personalize based on what they are searching for. Use collected data to create a strategy that caters … Read more

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17 Tips for great copywriting

Copywriting is hard. But there are a few quick tips to identify bad copy and fix it. This Marketing Examples article has 17 such tips with examples. Including one example of how to talk to your customers about COVID-19. Some of them are: Write how you talk. Don’t kill your personality. Kill adverbs & adjectives. … Read more

9 Unconventional SaaS Marketing Strategies – Podcast

Check this episode “Confessions of a B2B Marketer” by Tim Soulo of Ahrefs on how they keep growing in this competitive space of SEO and marketing. Some of their learnings: Create a course to educate your potential users. When doing marketing at events, try something different that makes your audience talk & share. When they … Read more

2020 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

This is the 12th consecutive year Social Media Examiner is releasing this annual study. You can download the PDF from the page for free until May 31st (no opt-in needed). Facebook is declining, but its dominance is still strong. Instagram is hot. After Facebook, it’s the second most important marketing platform. Messenger bots are declining. … Read more

Get More Eyes On Your Content By Doing This One Thing

Just writing lots of content isn’t content marketing. After you’ve created your content, you need to share it with partners and leverage their audience. Reach out and build relationships with companies who also work with your dream clients.  That’s the best way to grow, but unfortunately not many leverages this tactic.

New Pinterest Tools for Marketers – Podcast

Jennifer Priest of Social Media Marketing Talk Show talks about the various new tools Pinterest has released recently. New planning and organizing tools for Boards. New Ways to Shop From Pins, Boards, and Search Pinterest and Shopify Partner in Developing a New Pinterest Shopping App Pinterest Launches Verified Merchant Program New Resources to Help Brands … Read more

How To Write Meta Descriptions That Don’t Suck

Any search result has a short blurb of text below the link. You can either let Google pick whatever it thinks is best or you hand-craft it so that you get more visitors. Here’s how you can write Meta Descriptions that don’t suck: Answer the question. People search on Google to find answers. Show that … Read more

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